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  1. Aspose.OCR クラウド |画像文字認識 Java REST API

    Java REST API & SDK to perform optical character recognition (OCR) on JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP & TIFF images. Extract English, French, Spanish to XML & JSON via OCR....BMP JPG GIF PNG TIFF TXT PDF HOCR OCR recognition scanning detection...
  2. aspose_ocr_cloud-

    AsposeOCRCloudSDK/ # coding: utf-8 # flake8: noqa """ Aspose OCR Cloud 5.0 API Aspose OCR Cloud 5.0 API # noqa: E501 The version of the OpenAPI document: 5.0 Generated by: https://openap......types: Text, Searchable PDF, HOCR """ class MetaOapg: enum_value_to_name..."TEXT_AND_PDF", "Hocr": "HOCR", "TextAndHocr": "TEXT_AND_HOCR", "PdfAndHocr":...