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  1. Aspose.条形码 |通过 Java 处理一维、二维和邮政条码

    Java class library to generate, recognize, & convert barcodes. Supports numeric, alpha-numeric, and 2D barcode symbologies. Customize barcodes in your Java App....2of5、MSI、Code11、Codabar、EAN14(SCC14)、SSCC18、ITF14、Matrix 2 of...Standard2of5 MSI Code11 Codabar EAN14(SCC14) SSCC18 ITF14 Matrix2of5...
  2. index.json

    [{"content":"\rHow to convert PDF to JPG with .NET REST API.\nOwing to the demand of a versatile and easily shareable visual content, the need to convert PDF documents to JPG images has become incr......Type=SCC14\u0026amp;Text=123456\u0026a...Token\u0026gt;\u0026#34; Fig 6:- SCC14 Barcode preview.\nUPCA cURL...