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  1. maxicode

    gs1datamatrix,deutsche post leticode,deutsche post identcode,dotcode,microqr,keywords:MaxiCode - npm search,interleaved2of5,aspose-barcode-cloud-go/MaxiCodePara...aztec maxicode code39 code128 code93 dynamsoft...
  2. australia post

    deutsche post leticode,Recognition Settings|Documentation,Contact - About -,Contact - About -,code16k,Generate Barcode Online,Read...Symbologies Australia Post Code93 Standard IATA 2... blog.aspose...
  3. opc

    keywords:OPC - npm search,postnet,issn,vin,ean13,ismn,aztec,isbn,patchcode,msi,...keywords:Aztec - npm search,code93,code39,compactpdf417,postnet...
  4. msi

    Update MSI exit message by TravisEz13 · Pull Request #18137 · PowerShell/PowerShell · GitHub,[release/v7.2.7] Update MSI exit message by github-actions[bot] ·...keywords:Code128 - npm search,code39,code93,keywords:Pharmacode - npm search...
  5. Aspose.条形码 |通过 Java 处理一维、二维和邮政条码

    Java class library to generate, recognize, & convert barcodes. Supports numeric, alpha-numeric, and 2D barcode symbologies. Customize barcodes in your Java App....Extended、Code39 Standard、Code93 Extended、Code16K、Code93 Standard、 IATA...PZN Code128 Code39 Code93 Code16K Code93 IATA2of5 OPC GS1Code128...